Players Injured During NFL Training Camps

NFL Injuries

It is never a good day in sports when a professional athlete gets injured, as it certainly does no good for his career, as well as not being able to perform up to the fans expectations. Football is high-contact, meaning there will be a few players that get injured.

As the NFL is conducting their summer training camps, getting ready for the 2015 season, there is always the chance of a mishap and a player getting injured even before the season has started. Here are a few players that have recently gotten injured:

  • RB Arian Foster: Serious Groin Injury that will most likely require surgery.
  • WR Michael Floyd: Dislocated Three Fingers on his left hand, most likely giving him a seat on the bench for another season.
  • DeSean Jackson: Grade 2 Separated Shoulder, and will miss a few weeks.
  • RB Devonta Freeman: Hamstring Injury, will be sidelined “a bit”.
  • LB Clay Matthews: Sore Knee, no timetable for return to practice/play.
  • LB Barkevious Mingo: Surgery to repair torn cartilage in his right knee.
  • DT Haloti Ngata: Undisclosed injury.

These are just some of the mroe notable players that have gotten injured right before or during training camp, and due to this may get benched until they are able to fully recover; some may take a few weeks, while others could wait until the season is almost over.

Use this information to better prepare yourself, as the start of the 2015 football season is a few weeks away. Whether you are trying to make predictions to bet on, or simply want to know which players to draft during your fantasy league, figuring out which key player is injured and for how long will be important.

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