Sports Breakdown; NFL Conference Championships

sports nfl conference championships

The playoffs are almost over, as only four NFL sports teams remain in the race to get to the Super Bowl. We will see how the New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos, and the Arizona Cardinals play against the Carolina Panthers during the Conference Championships. We will breakdown the stats for each team, and let you predict which franchise will come out on top and get their spot to go to the big game.

AFC Championship Game: Patriots @ Broncos

This will be a heavy-hitting game, as the Patriots unstoppable offense meet up against the Broncos unmovable defense. Tom Brady, along with fellow teammates Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, will be the force behind the Patriots offense. The Broncos will have Peyton Manning at the front of the offense, but as seen by their performance during the regular season and playoff game, they will rely more on their defense. Here is the breakdown:

Regular Season Stats Patriots Broncos
Record 12-4 12-4
Divisional Standings 1st 1st
Total Yards 5,991 5,688
Yards per Game 374.4 (6th) 355.5 (16th)
Rush Offense 87.8 (30th) 107.4 (17th)
Pass Offense 286.7 (5th) 248.1 (14th)
Total Yards Allowed 5,431 4,530
Yards Allowed per Game 339.4 (9th) 283.1 (1st)
Rush Defense 98.8 (9th) 83.6 (3rd)
Pass Defense 240.7 (17th) 199.6 (1st)
Possession 30:08 29:57
Sacks / Sacks Allowed 49/38 52/39
Total Touchdowns 52 38
Field Goals 33/36 30/35
Turnover Ratio +7 -4


We can already see that the Bronco defense is ranked top in pass defense, and third in rush defense, and this would leave the Patriots will little wiggle room. However, the big question is, can the Broncos offense perform well enough to overcome the defense.

NFC Championship Game: Cardinals @ Panthers

This game will be total war. The Panthers amazing rush offense, along with their overall great defense will be going up against the powerful Cardinals offense and defense. Cam Newton will be the player you see most on the Panther offense, as he not only does his job as quarterback, but has been able to leave his mark as running back. QB Carson Palmer will need all of the help from Larry Fitzgerald as possible if they want to overcome the Panther defense, and they will definitely need to rely on the pass game to win. This is the breakdown:

Regular Season Stats Cardinals Panthers
Record 13-3 15-1
Divisional Standings 1st 1st
Total Yards 6,533 5,871
Yards per Game 408.3 (1st) 366.9 (11th)
Rush Offense 119.8 (8th) 142.6 (2nd)
Pass Offense 288.5 (2nd) 224.3 (24th)
Total Yards Allowed 5,147 5,167
Yards Allowed per Game 321.7 (5th) 322.9 (6th)
Rush Defense 91.2 (6th) 88.4 (4th)
Pass Defense 230.4 (8th) 234.5 (11th)
Possession 32:03 32:03
Sacks / Sacks Allowed 36/27 44/33
Total Touchdowns 58 59
Field Goals 28/31 30/36
Turnover Ratio +9 +20


We can notice that the Panthers defense has a slight weakness against the pass, so Palmer will definitely have to take advantage of this. Both teams do an amazing job of maintaining possession of the ball, and not turning it over, so it brings up the question of which sports team will prevail in this situation.

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