Top Sports Prop Bets for Super Bowl 50

Top Sports Prop Bets for Super Bowl 50

The biggest sporting event of the year will be played this weekend, between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl 50 is promising to be highly competitive, but the game isn’t the only thing, as the stakes will be very high as well. Las Vegas, and other sportsbooks, bring in millions of dollars when the championship takes place. Many go for the straight up action, including the point spread and totals, but the fun part is in the prop bets. Placing small wagers on different aspects of the game can help get some extra bucks in your pocket.

Each year, there is a list of the best prop bets to place, and this is this year’s top:

1. Coin toss. The best for kick-off weekend, you simply get a 50-50 chance of getting it right.

Odds: Heads -105 Tails -105


2. Super Bowl 50 MVP. Which player has the best chances of getting this illustrious title, pick between the two quarterbacks, as well as 22 different players that could win it.

Odds: Cam Newton -160 Peyton Manning +300


3. Peyton Manning Total Touchdown Passes. See whether Manning still has it in him to throw multiple touchdown passes or not.

Odds: Over 1.5 (+120) Under 1.5 (-150)


4. Cam Newton Total Touchdown Passes. See how many pass touchdowns Newton can get, if he doesn’t end up running them in himself.

Odds: Over 1.5 (-155) Under 1.5 (+125)


5. Team with most Rushing Yards. As we all know, the Panthers and Broncos rely greatly on their rushing to win games, which will get more.

Odds: Panthers Over 125.5 (-115) Panthers Under 125.5 (-115)
Broncos Over 97.5 (-115) Broncos Under 97.5 (-115)


6. Will Either Team Score in First 6.5 Minutes of Game. A first quarter touchdown is important, and with both teams defenses being so good, will either of them be able to score a touchdown in that time period.

Odds: Yes (-110) No (-120)

7. First Team to Score Touchdown. It isn’t enough to know that a team will score, but which team will be the one to score it.

Odds: Panthers -145 Broncos +115

8. Broncos Total Points. Many already believe the Broncos will lose, yet they would want to know how many points they will end up scoring.

Odds: Over 20 (-115) Under 20 (-115)

9. Cam Newton Total Rushing Yards. Newton is notorious for running the ball himself.

Odds: Over 42.5 (-110) Under 42.5 (-120)

10. Team to Score Last. If the game is close, the team to score last may be able to win the Super Bowl.

Odds: Panthers -135 Broncos +105


These prop bets are some of the most popular that people tend to bet on, however, there are hundreds of them at any sportsbook you decide to go to. The above odds are thanks to This sports match-up at Super Bowl 50 will be one to remember.

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