Is John Wall a lock at number one?

This summer in the NBA will be one of the most active offseasons in the history of the league as we have it talent packed free agent market in a while promising young players headed to the NBA draft.

Obviously, everyone will have their eyes on LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and where they might sign, but the NBA Draft might be just as compelling as there are some potential superstars that could take the league by storm next season.

Despite everyone expecting the lowly New Jersey Nets to grab the number one spot in the upcoming NBA draft, Washington Wizards were able to grab that spot and leave the New Jersey Nets the third overall pick. This is devastating to say the least for the Nets and new Russian billionaire playboy Mikhail Prokhorov who just bought the team as they were anticipating getting the number one pick and selecting Kentucky point guard John Wall.

It remains to be seen whether or not the New Jersey Nets will do something from now until the NBA Draft in order to get that number one pick from the Washington Wizards, but in the meantime everyone is wondering whether or not John Wall really is a walk to be drafted number one overall. If the Nets work some kind of deal to get the number one overall pick then John Wall will almost certainly be headed to New Jersey, but recently people have questioned whether or not Wall will be able to play with Gilbert Arenas in the Washington backcourt.

There is no doubting John Wall’s talent as he is by far the best all around player in this upcoming NBA draft, but having point guard superstar Gilbert Arenas already in the backcourt poses a serious problem for the Washington Wizards. There is a solution as they will either have to convince Arenas to switch to the two spot or find another way to fit Wall into the mix.

John Wall is a true point guard as he has that pass first mentality, but he can also take over game and the scoring as he is able to slash to the hoop and has a decent shot. Gilbert Arenas on the other hand is a shoot first point guard and at times a real problem for the Wizards as they can struggle to get anything going if Arenas has an off shooting night.

Personally, I believe moving Arenas to shooting guard and having Wall as the starting point guard is a no brainer as the two could turn the Washington Wizards backcourt into arguably the best in the league. It is uncertain if Arenas is willing to make the move, but considering all the damage he did to the franchise last season, Arenas is lucky he isn’t on the trading block or without job altogether.

Recently, John Wall became a rich man before even stepping foot on an NBA floor in an NBA uniform as he inked a $25 million dollar deal with Reebok for his own shoe.

Another report came out recently as well which makes most people feel like the Washington Wizards have already made up their mind as Ohio State’s Evan Turner, the consensus for the second overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers, will not visit the Wizards.

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