Could Brandon Marshall be headed to the NBA?

Over the past couple of seasons, the Miami Dolphins have been innovators in the NFL as they brought in a revolutionary style of running the football with the Wildcat offense. The Wildcat isn’t new by any means, but until now the direct snap to the running back hasn’t really worked on the NFL level.

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Fortunately, despite the Dolphins really becoming a struggling NFL franchise in the post Dan Marino era, Miami has really started to turn the corner with their Wildcat offense recently and chose to make a bold move this offseason by trading for arguably one of the best wide receivers in the game today in Brandon Marshall.

Even though the trade to acquire Marshall from the Denver Broncos was a questionable move to say the least for the Dolphins as they don’t exactly have a Pro bowl caliber quarterback in Chad Henne, it will almost certainly improve the offense in Miami and could make the team serious threat in the AFC East division.

Despite the Miami Dolphins possibly being a playoff team in the AFC Conference this season with the addition of Brandon Marshall to an already dynamic offense, next season might be another story altogether as the NFL could be headed towards a lockout that could result in some players deciding to do other things with their time.

Not much has been said about how possible that NFL lockout could be after this season, but if the league does end up going through a lockout, Brandon Marshall already has plans about what he will do with his spare time as he plans to play in the NBA.

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Obviously, playing another professional sport is no easy task as only a few players in the history of professional sports in this country have been able to pull it off (Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson), but it can be done and if Brandon Marshall can walk on to NBA team, he will be the first to play both in the NFL and the NBA.

Apparently, Marshall says that if he plays in the NBA, he will want to play on one of two teams in the Miami Heat or the Denver Nuggets.

Not only is it a bold statement that Marshall believes he will be able to just walk on to an NFL franchise, but he wants to play on two of the best basketball teams in the league as the Miami Heat could arguably be the best team in the Eastern Conference with the addition of Chris Bosh and LeBron James and the Denver Nuggets are one of the teams in the Western Conference that can give the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers a run for their money.

Even though Brandon Marshall didn’t make a name for himself in college playing basketball like future Hall of Fame tight ends Antonio Gates (San Diego Chargers) and Tony Gonzalez (Atlanta Falcons), the consensus is that he can play ball and might have the ability to play at the NBA level.

There is no indication that NFL is headed to a lockout just yet, but if it happens it will be interesting to see if other NFL players following Brandon Marshall’s footsteps.

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