Matt Leinart: Another Undisciplined Athlete

Matt Leinart should’ve tried to be a football player rather than a trying hard D-list celebrity. Based on recent rumors, Cardinals head coach Ken Wisenhunt grew sick of Leinart’s laziness and unpreparedness. In addition, Leinart is not the most beloved Arizona teammate in the locker room. Leinart has a penchant for acting like a big pansy. Like most overpaid, pampered athletes today, Leinhart is a softie that doesn’t want to take to the field after feeling the tiniest of pains. This is a huge contrast to his predecessor Kurt Warner. Warner was a fighter. He never gave up on anyone and was always up to the challenge. He bagged groceries, worked hard and paid his dues until he was invited to play Arena football. The Rams noticed his talent and signed him. The rest, as you can say, is history.

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Everyone respected Warner. He wasn’t given anything. He wasn’t drafted in the first round or was worshipped during college. Warner just wanted to play football and worked very hard to improve upon it.

Unlike Leinart, who expected to be the Cardinals starter after Warner retired last season. He expected that he didn’t have to watch any tapes after practice, spend time with his teammates or work harder during practice sessions. He wanted to be respected but didn’t want the responsibility that came with it.

Leinart was the 10th pick in the 2006 NFL draft. He was highly touted in college and deserved the Heisman. He thrived under Pete Carroll’s system at USC. He could’ve been a solid NFL QB if he didn’t allow his head from swelling to enormous proportions. What did he expect? Did he expect to be taken easy by ferocious linebackers? Did he not want to get his mug messed up in fear that he’ll not get any television and cameo offers?

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Now, contract offers to continue playing in the NFL are the only offers Leinart is hoping for. And even those could be tough to come by given his knack to look Hollywood rather than to look for his receivers.

Arizona’s QB job now falls on Derek Anderson. Anderson is not exactly known for his consistency or accuracy but at least his teammates are supportive of him. Wisenhunt summed it up best.

“A lot of it is how his teammates respond to him and the confidence they have in him when he goes into the huddle,” Whisenhunt said. “When he came out the other night and completed his first two passes on big plays, the guys rallied around him and that is what you like to see.”

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