Coaching carousel continues in the NFL

One of the toughest positions to have in professional sports today is being a head coach.  No matter how well a head coach’s team may have played in the previous season, if that coach’s team struggles in the current season there is a very good chance that he could be fired at season’s end.

Back in the day, the head coaching position was something sacred where usually the current head coach continues to call the shots for years, maybe even decades. Unfortunately, that is not the case these days as head coaches come and go more frequently than players do.

Mike Singletary is out

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One of the most cutthroat leagues in this country in terms of firing head coaches is the NFL. Every single season 5 to 10 head coaches get fired from some of the worst teams in the league as owners no longer have patience for their leaders on the sidelines. It is either succeed now or you’re out of a job.

This season in the NFL there was a lot of disappointing outcomes from quite a few teams that were expected to go far.
Here is a list of coaches that were given the ax and then hired at another position with another team:

Mike Singletary (Minnesota Vikings)
The San Francisco 49ers were favored to win the NFC West division and quite possibly make a push for the Super Bowl in the NFC Conference, but that didn’t turn out to be the case as they seriously underachieved this season which resulted in the firing of Michael Singletary.
Even though Singletary was considered to be the key to this storied franchise’s turn around, the 49ers got impatient with a tough head coach and fired him just one game before the end of the regular season.

Fortunately, Mike Singletary was able to get another opportunity soon after being fired as he is now the linebackers coach for the Minnesota Vikings under new head coach Kevin Frazier.

DENVER - NOVEMBER 22:  Head coach Josh McDanie...
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Josh McDaniels (St. Louis Rams)
Last season the Denver Broncos had an amazing start to the year as they won their first six games and were getting a lot of talk about possibly being Super Bowl bound. Unfortunately, in the second half of the season the Broncos fell flat on their face as they fell out of contention for the playoffs and ultimately finished the season without living up to expectations.

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Coming into this NFL regular season, head coach Josh McDaniels was determined to turn this team around and get them back into the playoffs. Despite the offense having no problem putting points on the board early in the season, the Broncos still struggled on defense and turned out to be one of the worst teams in the late yet again.

As a result, McDaniels was given his walking papers, but then was given another to opportunity without incoming St. Louis Rams as their new offensive coordinator.

Tom Cable (Seattle Seahawks)
The Oakland Raiders came into this NFL regular season with high hopes of finally make it back into the playoffs as they seemingly had a much better team on the offensive Side of the football. Even though the Raiders finished with a 8-8 record and went undefeated in the AFC West division, they failed to make the playoffs and head coach Tom Cable was let go.

Fortunately, the Seattle Seahawks gave Tom Cable another opportunity by making him the offense of line coach under Pete Carroll.

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