Tennessee Titans and head coach Jeff Fisher part ways

To be head coach in the National Football League is basically to have your job in jeopardy every single year and at times every single week. Obviously, most people do have their job in jeopardy regardless of what you may do, but professional sports can be extremely cutthroat when it comes to head coaches as sometimes coaches can lose their jobs more frequently than the players on the field, floor or diamond.

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One of the few coaches that have been able to stand the test of time in the NFL has been the Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher. Not even the New England Patriots Bill Belichick has been able to stay with this team as long as Jeff Fisher has been in Tennessee. Even though Fisher doesn’t have a single Super Bowl title and has struggled over the past few years to get his team to play consistently well, the head coach has been able to stay with the Oilers/Titans for 16 straight years.

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Not only was Jeff Fisher the longest tenured coach in the NFL, but has never really been in serious trouble in terms of job security. This season is another story altogether though as the Titans had a really up and down year, lost a superstar quarterback and missed the playoffs once again.

The biggest headlines come out of Tennessee was the rift between quarterback Vince Young and head coach Jeff Fisher. On some teams in the NFL a big name player arguing with his head coach means to head coach would be in jeopardy of losing his job, but in Tennessee was completely opposite as Vince Young was benched and basically banned from the team.

Ultimately, Vince Young was released by the Tennessee Titans and will be free to sign with any other team next season. In a surprising twist though, now Jeff Fisher is also unemployed after he and the Tennessee Titans agreed to part ways.

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Usually, whenever a head coach and an NFL team agree to part ways it is a nice and respectful way of firing their head coach. That is exactly what seems to have happened between Fisher and the Titans, but coaching this team may have really started to get to arguably one of the best head coaches in the league which led to him wanting to leave.

Ironically enough, there are no more open head coaching positions in the NFL as every team that fired their head coach once their off-season began for their team, has already hired a new head coach.

This means that Jeff Fisher will most likely be unemployed at the beginning of the next NFL season; if we even have a season next year.

Even though he will no longer be coaching in Tennessee, Jeff Fisher will be one of the most desired head coaches when any head coaching position opens up in the NFL. So even though he may being unemployed right now, I guarantee that will not last long as all sorts of teams will start looking into possibly hiring this head coach.

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