Denver Broncos make Tim Tebow second quarterback on the depth chart

Last year the Denver Broncos made a bold move in the NFL draft as they decided to ignore the critics and draft two-time BCS champion quarterback Tim Tebow out of Florida. Even though the Heisman trophy winner was a proven winner and had the motivation to become a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback in the NFL, the consensus around the league was that he would not be able to make the transition to the NFL level as a quarterback.

Despite all the talk of Tebow’s awkward throwing motion and the some people saying that he might be better off becoming a running back in the NFL, the Denver Broncos stuck by their first-round draft pick and had him backup starter Kyle Orton. With just three games left in the regular season last year, the Broncos saw Orton go down and put Tebow under center to see what he could do. The rookie quarterback definitely struggled at times, but he look good at other times, enough to convince his doubters that he might be able to become a starter in the near future.

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After the NFL lockout ended recently, the Denver Broncos began talks with the Miami Dolphins about a potential trade. That trade would send starting quarterback Kyle Orton to the Miami Dolphins and thrust Tim Tebow into the spotlight in the Mile High City. Even though this potential trade looked like it might have been the right move for the team as Tebow was without a doubt the future face of the franchise, the deal fell apart and sent the Broncos back to the

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drawing board.

Unfortunately, the failed trade may have been the worst thing to happen to Tim Tebow since entering the NFL last season. With Kyle Orton still in Denver, the debate turned to whether or not Tim Tebow was better than the veteran and worthy of being the starter for the Broncos this season. After a few practices, the debate was over as it appeared that Orton was still the better all-around quarterback and Tebow still needed some time to develop.

There was still a quarterback controversy in the Mile High City as Denver Broncos fans awaited the announcement of the depth chart for the upcoming preseason, but the decision to go with Kyle Orton as the starter was no surprise to most as Tim Tebow was still a bit wet behind the ears. So heading into their first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys, the Denver Broncos have Kyle Orton as the number quarterback on the depth chart with Tim Tebow at number two and Brady Quinn at number three.

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Interestingly enough, the debate has now turned to Tim Tebow against Brady Quinn for the backup role to Kyle Orton under center. In all likelihood, Tebow will be named the number two quarterback on the depth chart once the upcoming NFL regular season begins, but anything can happen in four games of the preseason in which both Tebow and Quinn will see considerable time under center.

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