LeBron James sticks up for Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos

No player in the NBA got more negative press or harshly treated by the fans more than superstar LeBron James of the revamped Miami Heat. With LeBron’s decision sending his talents to South Beach, the reaction somewhat backfired as he went from being the hero of Cleveland to the villain of the NBA. No player in the history of the league has ever gotten this kind of response by fans and analysts for changing teams via free agency and even though it seemed like the smart move for King James in terms of his chances of winning a title in the next few years, the move may have altered his career and life forever.

Not only is LeBron James considered to the villain of the NBA alongside Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in South Beach, but he now knows how the media can quickly turn on an athlete when the fans aren’t liking a decision that has been made. With that being said, the perennial All-Star had some words for former Heisman trophy winning quarterback Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos about his recent criticism.

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Ever since the end of the NFL lockout, quarterback Tim Tebow has been put into the spotlight in the Mile High City as it was the consensus around the league that he would be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos heading into next season. With the Denver Broncos actively seeking a trade that would send quarterback Kyle Orton to the Miami Dolphins, Tim Tebow would be thrust into the starting position and would quickly become the face of the franchise like most people anticipated.

LeBron James

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Unfortunately, the deal with the Dolphins fell through and now Orton is set to stay with the Broncos for at least one more season. Not only does this put a strain on Tebow starting under center next season, but the fact that Orton has been out working the two-time BCS champion in training camp has convinced the Broncos that they should start Orton over Tebow.

Reportedly, former player and current NFL analyst Merril Hoge has called out Tim Tebow by saying that the second-year quarterback simply can’t play on the NFL level. Ultimately, this might be true as players like Tim Tebow do come and go in the NFL, but it is only his second year in the league and he has started more than three games in his career so far.

LeBron James perked up after hearing what Merril Hoge had to say by putting his on his Twitter account:

“Listened to Merril Hoge today on SC and he was just blasting Tebow. The man hasn’t even play a full season and its only his 2nd year in.”

Personally, even though I couldn’t stand everything LeBron James did before last season, I would have to agree with the NBA veteran as Hoge was wrong about Tim Tebow. The second-year gunslinger may turn out to be a bust, but it is way too soon to determine that.

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