Veteran quarterback Kerry Collins signs with the Indianapolis Colts

Over the past decade, the Indianapolis Colts have been arguably one of the best teams in the NFL with a legitimate shot to contend for a Super Bowl title every single season. The number one reason for all the team’s success over the past decade can be attributed to superstar quarterback Peyton Manning being under center for the Colts. With Manning as their starting quarterback, the Colts are tough to beat with an offense that can be near unstoppable.

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After the NFL lockout ended recently, the Indianapolis Colts were hoping to get the four-time NFL MVP quarterback back healthy and ready to go at some point in the NFL preseason. During his career in the NFL, Manning has had no trouble with injuries and has an impressive streak of consecutive starts going with 227 in a row.

With that being said, the Colts weren’t entirely worried about Manning’s recovery and rehab from a neck surgery that he underwent during the offseason. Obviously, Peyton Manning is an ironman like some of the other great quarterbacks in NFL history like Brett Favre, but that streak of 227 consecutive starts looks like it is in serious jeopardy

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right now with the veteran quarterback likely to sit out Week 1 of the NFL regular season.

Now that Peyton Manning’s rehab has not gone to plan and is taking longer than usual, the Indianapolis Colts have been on the lookout for a veteran quarterback to fill the void for however long the superstar might be out of commission. The first choice to replace Peyton Manning for the short-term seemed like it could be the recently retired Brett Favre, but just as soon as the Favre speculation began the Colts signed another that had to come out of retirement in Kerry Collins formerly of the Tennessee Titans.

Reportedly, Kerry Collins wanted to return to the Tennessee Titans for at least one more season, but the two sides couldn’t agree upon a deal and the veteran quarterback decided to retire as a result. After Kerry Collins retired, the Tennessee Titans brought in Matt Hasselback to take over under center and mentor rookie quarterback Jake Locker.

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There were some rumors floating around the league that Kerry Collins was getting interest from teams in the NFL that desperately needed a veteran quarterback like the Miami Dolphins, but the opportunity the Indianapolis Colts gave him was his best option. Now that the Colts have locked up Collins for the season, Indianapolis can breathe a shy of relief as they will no longer have to depend on unreliable backups Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky.

Peyton Manning starting under center for the Indianapolis Colts against the division rival Houston Texans in Week 1 isn’t out of the question as he might be able to get back to form over the next two weeks, but as of right now I would anticipated that Kerry Collins will be the starter for Week 1 and possibly Week 2.

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