Not one NFL team shows up for Terrell Owens’ workout

Over the last decade and a half, one of the best wide receivers in the NFL has been none other than Terrell Owens. As a remarkable physical specimen and a player with exceptional work ethic, T.O. has cemented himself as a possible future Hall-of-Famer in the NFL, but even with all the perks of having Owens on an NFL football team the veteran also comes with a lot of baggage.

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Terrell Owens might be able to single-handedly take over a football game with his skills as an elite wide receiver, but he can also tear a team apart in the locker room with his attitude and loud mouth. That alone has been enough for most NFL teams in the league to shy away from T.O. as the future Hall-of-Famer has been a gamble.

During the off-season and the NFL lockout, somehow Terrell Owens suffered a torn ACL and required surgery as a result. This kind of injury is usually a career-ender for a player at 37-years-old like Terrell Owens, but T.O. is different kind of football player that keeps his body in great shape and looks more like a 27-year-old than a 37-year-old.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens at ...

Terrell Owens

After rehabilitating his surgically repaired knee, Terrell Owens was able to get back into shape and NFL-ready in just six months. That is pretty amazing at his age to recover that quickly, but no one doubts that this was possible with T.O.’s work ethic and ability to stay and get in shape.

The only problem Terrell Owens faces now is that he is free agent and hasn’t really had any team in the league knocking down his door. This past Tuesday, Owens held a workout session in which he would record himself doing drills and catching passes. The workout was open to all 32 NFL teams so they could see that his knee was good to go and that he is ready to sign with a new team.

Unfortunately, not a single NFL team showed up to watch Terrell Owens’ workout and therefore he is still unemployment and looking for a job. Despite no teams showing up, there are a few teams in the league that could use a Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver like T.O.

The one team that has shown more interest than any other team in the NFL in Terrell Owens is the Tennessee Titans. With Kenny Britt going down with a season-ending injury earlier in the season, the Titans have been looking for another wideout to replace their number one guy and Terrell Owens might fill the void.

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Two other teams that might start to show interest in the vocal wideout is the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders. Last weekend the Redskins saw their number one wide receiver Santana Moss go down with a broken hand that will keep him out one to two months. The Raiders on the other hand are looking for a go-to-guy for new starting quarterback Carson Palmer and who would be better than his favorite wide receiver from last season in Cincinnati.

It is hard to say at this point in time whether or not Terrell Owens will get another shot in the NFL, but I won’t be surprised to see the Titans, Redskins or the Raiders give him a try in the coming weeks.

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