San Francisco 49ers win sixth straight after beating Washington Redskins

The San Francisco 49ers took a big gamble on hiring a head coach from college with no experience coaching on the NFL level. The signing of Jim Harbaugh was seen as a set in the right direction after what he was able to do at Stanford, but it was also considered a big risk with how former head coaches have struggled making the transition from college to the NFL.

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After losing to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2 (27-24 OT), the San Francisco 49ers were considered to be a good team that had improved but not a great that was going to contend for a playoff spot. Six weeks later, that is no longer the case as the 49ers have gone from being a good team and transformed into a legitimate Super Bowl title contender.

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The offense of the San Francisco 49ers is still in serious question as the no one seems to have much faith in Alex Smith under center, but the offense has been good enough to get the job done over the last six weeks and beat teams like the Cincinnati Bengals (13-8), Philadelphia Eagles (24-23), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (48-3) and the Detroit Lions (25-19).

So even though the offense could use an upgrade at the quarterback position and possibly the wide receiver position as well, the San Francisco 49ers continue to fire on all cylinders while leading the way in the NFC West division. With the competition in the NFC West nowhere near the 49ers right now, the storied San Francisco franchise will almost certainly cruise into the playoffs this season with a division title to their credit.

In the meantime, the San Francisco 49ers had to contend with the likes of the Washington Redskins in Week 9. Despite struggling as of late, the Redskins have been a much better team that anticipated this season and at one point had a legitimate shot of winning the NFC East division title and getting back into the playoffs themselves.

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Much like the 49ers, the Redskins have had some trouble that the quarterback position and bounced back and forth with Rex Grossman and John Beck this season. Ultimately, Beck has been the guy under center for head coach Mike Shanahan and he hasn’t done a terrible job, but not really good enough to make the Redskins a contender in the division like they were earlier in the season.

With three straight losses coming into this game, the Washington Redskins weren’t considered to give the San Francisco 49ers that much trouble, but they did keep this game close with a late surge in the second half and eight points in the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately, the fourth quarter heroics weren’t enough to get the best of the 49ers as Alex Smith and company were able to seal the deal and win their sixth straight game, 19-11.

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