Russell Wilson To Get Highest Paid Contract In NFL

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Russell Wilson, star quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks is currently in contract negotiations with the sports team. This wouldn’t be surprising as it happens every day in the League, but Wilson is making it an interesting deal. It appears that Wilson wants to become the highest paid athletes in the NFL.

What most have speculated so far is that Wilsons contract deal exceeds the $110 million, 5 year, contract that Aaron Rodgers was given in 2013. This would certainly make him the top paid player, but are the Seahawks willing to pay so much money for one player? There are three options that the team can use:

  • Sign contract: this would give them a long-term hold on Wilson for a few years, but very doubtful they will pay him so much.
  • Apply the non-exclusive franchise tag: this would leave them open to having Wilson taken by a better offer from a different team.
  • Apply the exclusive franchise tag: this would mean a three-year payout to Wilson of more than $98 million, which they will probably opt out of.

There are rumors stating that Wilson is already thinking of moving to a different NFL team some time in the near future, so this doesn’t give the Seahawks much incentive to pay such an exorbitant amount if he is going to leave. Besides, there will always be a better paid player coming out every few months.

Seattle has until the start of the regular season to make a decision, and hopefully it won’t hurt them negatively for this upcoming season. I would hate to see such a strong team lose focus over money.

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