Keys to a Super Bowl victory for the Green Bay Packers

1. Spread out the field

In Super Bowl XLIII, the Cardinals offense had a difficult time with the Steelers defense. But in the fourth quarter they started to find some rhythm. Arizona lost because the adjustment they made heading into the fourth quarter was too late. Coach Ken Wisenhunt spread his receivers, which forced Pittsburgh’s secondary to cover more ground than they expected. As a result, the Cardinals outscored them 16 – 7 in the fourth quarter. Kurt Warner later admitted that if the Cardinals thought of this strategy sooner, they could’ve beaten the Steelers.

Arizona may have provided the blueprint on how to beat the Steelers defense. The Packers have the tools to spread the field and expose the other three safeties not named Troy Polamalu.

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Aaron Rodgers has a variety of weapons to choose from — Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, John Kuhn and Brandon Jackson. All are great at gaining yards after the catch. The Steelers have great individual defenders, but can be beat by using the entire field. Rodgers is the perfect QB for this offense.

2. Back to basic tackling

As elementary as it sounds, Green Bay knows they need to learn the basics of tackling. Hit Ben Roethlisberger between the digits to bring him down or grab his legs. You can’t bring Big Ben down by latching on to his arm or shoulder. He’ll shrug you off like Michael Jordan did the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 1of the 1992 Finals.

Another trick Green Bay shouldn’t fall for is Roethlisberger’s pass fake. Corner blitzers like Charles Woodson should stay planted on the ground instead of jumping for Kingdom Come when Big Ben pump fakes.

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3. James Starks and John Kuhn

When Green Bay lost to the Steelers in 2009, they rushed for only 62 yards. Their offense was predictable. But with the emergence of Starks in the playoffs, Green Bay should trust him with the ball more. If he rushes for more than 50 yards and a touchdown, the Packers have an 80% chance of winning the ball game. Starks and Kuhn are also good with dump passes. They can turn those into gains of seven or eight.

4. Take advantage of Pittsburgh’s gaping middle

Maurkice Pouncey’s absence will be a huge disadvantage for the Steelers. I sure all of us can already see BJ Raji doing the “Raji dance” with that news. Pouncey was the best offensive lineman for the Steelers and without him could mean more scrambling by Big Ben.

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