Keys to a Super Bowl victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers

1. Contain the passing game

Limit yards per catch because the Packers are great at accumulating yards after the run. Green Bay has superb protection for receivers that receive screen passes. Pittsburgh needs to stay alert and should not get caught by the perception that Aaron Rodgers will throw deep on early downs. Rodgers likes throwing within five yards on first and second downs. Pittsburgh better lock on early if they want to keep Rodgers out of rhythm.

Pittsburgh has to keep Rodgers in the pocket and contain him. Easier said than done — Rodgers has developed a great scrambling game this season. The Steelers’ linebackers have to pick their spots and make sure that once they grab a hold of Rodgers, it’ll be a sure sack.

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Steelers safety Troy Polamalu

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2. Troy Polamalu needs help in the secondary

No matter how good Polamalu is, we can’t argue that he won’t be everywhere on Sunday. Safeties Bryant McFadden, Ryan Clark and Ike Taylor need to help Polamalu out. My guess is number 43 will be used to blitz Rodgers to put much needed pressure in the pocket. One of his teammates in the backfield needs to step up and make a play or two.

3. 31 sacks

That’s the total number of sacks on Rodgers during the season. He was the 13th most sacked quarterback in the league. The Steelers are the best defense the Packers are going to face and I bet they’re going to record at least three sacks. The Bears – who many consider a great defense – managed to only get one sack on Rodgers. I went through the numbers and found out Chicago is an overrated defense with it comes to sacking the quarterback. They’re only 17th in the league.

Expect Pittsburgh to do a much better job of putting Rodgers on the ground.

4. James Harrison and the front seven

The Packers were held under 100 yards rushing in last year’s game against the Steelers. So, even if Rodgers threw for 383 yards and three touchdowns, Green bay was one dimensional. Pittsburgh sacked him only once during that game, but knocked Rodgers down five times.

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5. Protect the ball

Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker did a great job of protecting the ball in last year’s game against the Packers. They didn’t turn the ball over once. Mendenhall scored a touchdown and Roethlisberger threw for three. He matched Aaron Rodgers throw for throw.
The Packers are beatable even if Rodgers goes crazy.

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