NFL And Lawmakers Go Over Football Safety Concerns

Football safety

Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Texas), as well as other lawmakers joined football players and stars as they attended an educational clinic promoting safety when there is a tackle. As we all know, there are many concerns following evidence of concussions and other head-related hazards when tackles are involved.

Among some of the famous, you could find former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher and legendary Chicago Bears linebacker Mike Singletary, who were happy to sign autographs. One person made a huge impact by being there, President Obama.

During the clinic, Obama was asked if he would allow his son to play football, to which he responded, “Not now, I wouldn’t let my son play now.” This all revolve around safety, to which there have been many arguments about how to help avoid such lasting and damaging injuries.

There have been proposals to simply remove helmets from the equation, as helmets give players a false sense of security that would allow them to hit harder than they normally would. There have been changes to the rules, penalizing players more severely for using their helmets to tackle opponents.

The changes may come slowly, but in the end, we hope that we can insure the safety of our favorite players. Let’s hope it all comes sooner rather than later.

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