Fights Disrupting NFL Training Camps

NFL Camp Fights

Football is an already highly intense, competitve, and very physical sport, so it is understandable that in the heat of the moment players can lose their cool, even during training camps. The NFL has been seeing a lot of fights break out during the summer camps that are supposed to get the players ready for the regular season.

As you could imagine this is not the most effective way to learn the necessary skills to perform well on the field. Most coaches that see a fight break out try to get it under control, but don’t actively seek to punish the players involved, as most believe that it is common to have a fight or two under these pressure filled situations.

The fights that have happened so far are:

  • At the Cowboys and Rams joint practice, a fight between Tyler Patmon and Dez Bryant from the Cowboys.
  • Carolina Panthers Cam Newton fights with teammate.
  • Giants Eli Manning caught between a fight and got thrown to the ground.
  • Texans and Washington had to end practice early due to a fight breaking out.

sure, fights could happen, but the damage caused by them could be catastrophic for a team. For instance, Eli Manning could have hurt his hand or leg when he was tossed to the ground, and he wasn’t even involved in the fight. The Giants could have lost their star QB over something stupid.

Not all practices are likes this, nor are all coaches as forgiving. Practices between the Saints and Patriots have not had a single incident after their 3 joint training camps. This could be in part due to Saints coach Sean Payton telling his players that if they fight, they should pack their bags.

Fights are natrual in a high stress environment, but as professional sports athletes, the NFL players should really know how to control their temper, as it could lead to unwanted consequences that will affect the entire team.

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