Fantasy Football Top 7 RB Performances Of 2014

NFL fantasy football top RB

With just one more week until the start of the 2015 NFL season, many fans are probably wondering how to stack their fantasy football rosters to get the most points possible, whether they are in an office league or are trying to win some money through DraftKings or FanDuel. We all know that the top scorers when it comes to fantasy sports are the Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, and the Running Backs. You probably already have your QB and WR line-up all ready to go, but if you have not been able to decide on which RB to pick, here we will show you the Top 7 RB performances of the 2014 season.

Top 2014 RB Performances




Fantasy Points

2014 Stats

1 DeMarco Murray Cowboys 294.10 Rush YDS: 1,845

AVG: 4.7

Total TD: 13

2 Le’Veon Bell Steelers 287.50 Rush YDS: 1,361

AVG: 4.7

Total TD: 11

3 Marshawn Lynch Seahawks 265.30 Rush YDS: 1,306

AVG: 4.7

Total TD: 17

4 Matt Forte Bears 244.60 Rush YDS: 1,038

AVG: 3.9

Total TD: 10

5 Arian Foster Texans 235.50 Rush YDS: 1,246

AVG: 4.8

Total TD: 13

6 Eddie Lacy Packers 230.60 Rush YDS: 1,139

AVG: 4.6

Total TD: 13

7 Jamaal Charles Chiefs 210.40 Rush YDS: 1,033

AVG: 5.0

Total TD: 14

There are two players in the Top 7 list that were on their second year playing in the pro’s in 2014, Eddie Lacy and Le’Veon Bell, so experience does not always trump skill. It is good to know who is consistently good on the field, and by looking at beasts like Marshawn Lynch we can already tell how well they are going to play in the upcoming season. One thing that most miss out on is looking at the Average yards per carry, as that is highly influential. Not all great running backs are those that can break 1,000 rushing yards, but rather how well they perform during each rush, which is why you can also look at the top inside the red zone RB to help compliment your overall roster.

It is great to see and compare what great running backs do, and see which players are going to have their breakout season and completely tear through the opposing team’s defense. Remember to use the best players depending on the weekly games on you fantasy NFL team.

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