College’s With Most Players In NFL


LSU with most players in NFL

With all of the players in the NFL being from college, there are certain schools that have better reputations for getting their players into the professional league. These would be considered the football schools, as their sports program certainly does take the front seat when it comes to importance, and more specifically the football program has an even greater priority. You can see by the amount of donations by the alumni or the amount of time and money that is dedicated to the athletes.

After all of the time and dedication, these colleges have a great number of players in the NFL, so much so that they are the go-to school when looking for a particular set of skills and talent. These are the positions, colleges, and number of players they have in the league:

  • Defensive backs: LSU 9
  • Defensive linemen: LSU 10
  • Linebackers: Texas, Southern Cal 8
  • Offensive linemen: Alabama 8
  • Quarterbacks: Michigan State, Oregon State, Southern Cal, Virginia Tech 3
  • Running backs: Oregon 5
  • Tight ends: Miami (Fla.), Notre Dame, Stanford 4
  • Wide receivers: Miami (Fla.) 6

As you can see, when it comes to defensive positions, LSU certainly does take the cake. They have turned out great talent when it comes to this particular position, and they may continue to for years to come, especially if you have been watching the start of the college football season. We can start to see a pattern of which colleges focus more on offense or defense, and start to nurture and train the right players.

Once the 2015 NFL Draft comes along, you can already expect what players and positions will be taken from which colleges. May even help when creating your mock draft.

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